Best 50+ Design Tokyo Tattoo Girls

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Tattoos for back, neck, arms, legs, feet, shoulders, and every other body part. Award winning designs.Girls love ink. They love getting tattoos as much as any guy. Because is not a matter of gender to want to express yourself through tattoo art, and girl tattoos are a proof of it.

Of course there was never a moment in history when someone died and let me in charge of dictating which tattoos are for guys and which are for girls, don’t take me too seriously, please! But don’t you think it’s very fun to make lists of things that are awesome?

Don’t you think that even though everyone, boy or girl, could get the tattoo they want, some are clearly feminine and some masculine? Well that’s the beauty of it! That’s what great about this lists, they give you options clearly catalogued to make it easier for you to pick, in this case, the best girl tattoos out there and see which one you want.

But how do we know that this or that is a girl tattoo? Is it the design? The placement? I think both are elements to consider when it comes to deciding which tattoos were made specially for girls, even though they’ll look great on guys too.

So take a look at our list and see for yourself what makes a great girl tattoo.














































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