90+ Impressive Bird Tattoos That Will Help your Concepts Take Flight

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I think the human admiration of birds is primarily rooted in envy. While humanity is resigned to living life on terra firma the bird is allowed to enjoy the freedom of sailing in the skies. While we’ve devised ways to imitate the bird we will never know the joy of flying through the air unassisted by machinery. As a result, birds are surrounded by a sort of mysticism and have become firmly rooted in popular culture and folklore.

Native Americans believed crows were responsible for carrying souls to the afterlife. Sailors believed that swallows were responsible for carrying the souls of dead seamen to heaven. Albanians derive the name for their country from a folk tale about a young hunter that saves an eagle from a snake. With these thoughts in mind, it is no wonder why someone would be inspired to get a tattoo of these wondrous creatures. This article compiles 90 images of bird tattoos that will help you separate your next piece from the flock.


































































































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