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For many people, snakes, bugs and other “critters” are repulsive but for many people they have an entirely different meaning altogether. Snake tattoos are often a personal expression that can represent many things but it is generally not revulsion. Some people just really love snake tattoos and some of the other related animal tattoos but to many people, the meaning goes much deeper than the tattoo ink. While snake tattoos may remind some people of creepy crawly things, they are actually and historically representative of power, stealth and fearlessness.

Many of the ancient tribal tattoos in the Malay region contained snakes. The Snake tattoos are also very popular historically in much of the Caribbean as well. In many of these regions, things like the snake tattoos, the lizard tattoos or even a spider tattoo or a scorpion tattoo were representative of good things and had no negative connotations at all. The lizard tattoos and snake tattoos these days generally represent the unknown, the misunderstood and things that are sometimes feared because people do not fully understand them.


















































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