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Tattoos having many symbolic words and ideas .So many Symbols and Symbolic designs are available in the world of tattooing with their meanings as well .One of the Popular symbol is “OM” .Om is a Hindu culture word and so much popular among Hindus and Hindu Religion .It is the Basic mantra of Every Hindu .Om Word is Related to Indian Lord “SHIVA ” . Indian People Love So Much TO Lord Shiva and every people love this “OM ” word . By Pronunciation This om Word and Repeating again and again “OM” gives Piece to heart ,help mind in relaxing .Gives eternal power and happy thought .People feel relax and happy when speaking this “OM” word . Today In so many countries Om Tattoo is so much famous Because of these reason .so many tattoo lovers also love to get a om tattoo design on their body parts. Om Tattoos can be place any where part of the body ,As we know that om tattoo is a small Tattoo design that looks so much pretty and beautiful . om tattoo is so much attractive . Om Tattoo Designs may be small or large and om tattoo designs can be color full or black in style .mostly Black om tattoo designs are so much famous .Black om tattoo design looks cooler tattoos .Here are some Beautiful 50 Om tattoo designs are selected for you .


















































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