85+ Celestial Tattoos and Meanings

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When it comes to the celestial tattoos, there are so many varieties to subject matter and meanings that they have a huge global audience. Some body ink lovers prefer to go with the sun and moon, stars, and angels. While each has their own creative look, they do have unique meanings that make them more appealing to the masses.

In order to cover the huge array of celestial tattoos and their meanings, we will have to take a closer look at the associations of each in a more comprehensive manner.

The Sun and Moon Tattoos
While some prefer to get inked with the sun, others prefer the moon, while some even prefer to get the two combined into one unique design.

At the core, these celestial tattoos represent purity, magic, dreams, mystery, and influence.

A person who connects with these two celestial bodies uses them to represent eternity, fertility, mysticism, and sensuality. Others draw upon the power of subtle energy, strength, and power each has.

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